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New to the sports betting scene in Singapore? We’ve got your back.

Given that online sports betting has been legal in Lion City since 2016, the existence of a variety of Singapore betting sites is not surprising. While domestic bookmakers are hard to come by, many of the largest international businesses take bets instead. If you want to wager on Singapore Betting the AFF Championship or Silgan Basketball Club winning the NBL, our recommended bookmakers cover all the basics.

What Kinds of Sports Bets Are Made in Singapore?

While there are several sports available for online gambling in Singapore, some are more popular than others. The following are a few of the sports that Singaporeans like betting on the most.


In Singapore, basketball has remained a popular sport, and the local team has occasionally done well in international games. There are, however, online sports books where you can place bets on important basketball tournaments taking place all over the world. Some bookmakers provide betting on the NBA in North America as well as basketball leagues in Europe and Asia.


At WM Casino, you may access live casino games anytime, anywhere.Cricket in Singapore is a significant factor in regional competitions, particularly when playing Malaysia and other Asian neighbors. One can bet on test matches, ODIs, and national competitions like the Indian Premier League from Singapore. At important international sporting events like the Cricket World Cup, betting is permitted.


Unquestionably, football is the live event that Singaporeans watch and wager on the most. However, many people like betting on significant international events instead of the Singapore Premier League, such as the English Premier League or La Lira (SPL). Popular Singapore Betting markets include the European soccer Champions League and other international events like the World Cup.

Various Sports

There are several different sports that may be bet on in Singapore. Bets on badminton can be placed on major sporting events like the Olympics through foreign bookmakers. In addition to football, rugby union is a preferred alternative for bookmakers.

Some bookmakers may have special sections for placing wagers on significant horse races throughout the globe. All bookmakers we recommend have sports books geared at American sports fans who follow the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

How to get winning money in Singapore betting

Most Betting Singapore companies let you deposit from your bank account by using an online bank transfer from one of Singapore’s main banks.

Another standard option is using an e-wallet. These services allow you to create a digital bank account to keep your money. Skrill tends to be the most popular. However, certain websites also provide other options. There are many ways to fill your e-wallet, and you can use those funds to make deposits at foreign bookies or to cash out your wins.


Even while Singapore’s gambling laws differ slightly from those in other nations, this does not mean that there aren’t many options available to gamer interested in making a wager. Several of the most popular and extensively utilized online bookmakers worldwide are now accepting Singaporean consumers. Bettors can choose from a large selection of markets, odds that appeal to them, sizeable bonuses, and a range of payment options. Cmd368 Sport is the best for sports betting.

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